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How It Started

Hear It From Me...

I'm Mary!

My enthusiasm for interior design arose from an early age, I was always up to date on trends in interior design. In 2014, I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. While exercising the career of Internal Tax Auditor in my home country, I decided to start training professionally to develop my skills in the world of design, which I later implemented at home, with friends and family.

After moving to the US, I found a new opportunity to dedicate myself to my great passion, interior design. I started  to identify the needs and yearnings from people around me of having a comfortable environment that suits family enjoyment. In this way, Spaces Design was born, a digital platform where we can help create your dream space, through attractive and functional design.


Spaces Design MGM is my own little dreamed project. I hope you get to enjoy browsing my site and discover all the unique content I have to offer.  Read on and enjoy!   

Mary Garcia

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